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Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding

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Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding, couple standing out in the grass among trees

February 27, 2019

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An Overwhelmed Bride

A Manor Wedding – Hannah is just about the sweetest girl you could ever meet and I am so lucky to call her FAMILY! At the time of Hannah’s engagement, Grayson was about 6 months old and I was ITCHING to get my hands back into the Event scene. Luckily, Hannah’s boyfriend Daniel proposed and I had the amazing opportunity to work with them on all the planning leading up to the big day!

When we started discussing plans, she was already about halfway through the process, stressed and overwhelmed. Between work and the planning, she was pulled in too many directions and needed some guidance and advice. So, we discussed timeline, how she saw the flow of the day, decor details, ceremony order and venue details. Hannah wanted a timeless, classic theme, with the bridesmaids in red gowns and white bouquets and herself in white with a red bouquet. She gushed about how amazing the venue was…Rust Manor really was the perfect backdrop to fit the designs scheme!

A Manor Wedding, the perfect backdrop to a special day

“We got married at Rust Manor House in Leesburg, VA on May 20, 2016. At the time, the company I worked for owned and operated the venue. I remember visiting the space 3 years prior, for a work function, and saying that if I ever got married, it would be there. So three years later that was still the space that had my heart! From the moment I saw the space I fell in love. The fact that the venue had ceremony and reception space all onsite, as well as the beautiful lush, green backdrop everywhere you turned, made it the perfect setting for our special day.” – Hannah

                          Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding, standing out front of the manor

She could not be more accurate. Rust Manor is absolutely breathtaking! The Manor itself, where cocktail hour is held, is like stepping back in time. And the BRIDAL SUITE is so stunning! It is an amazing space for your photographer to capture gorgeous “getting ready” photos. 

There are two outdoor ceremony options: an intimate garden; then, just past that, there is a lawn surrounded by huge hedges with an enormous tree that makes the most amazing ceremony backdrop! (I can’t wait to get back there to hang chandeliers from its branches— any takers?!? Pick me! Pick me!) 

The day finally came and it was such a beautiful blending of two amazing families. Once the formalities were over, EVERYONE was out on the dance floor– Hannah and Daniel’s friends can PARTY! I loved every second of watching everyone celebrate together! Everyone had so much fun!


Hannah, you looked amazing- your dress was so stunning and you could not have been more beautiful, inside and out. Daniel, you’re not so bad yourself! 

Take a look at these gorgeous first look pictures! I am such a “cry-er” and I had to walk away from this one! The friendship these two have for each other is so evident- they exuded joy, calm and love and it was such an honor to be a part of it! Thank you Hannah and Daniel for trusting me with your special day!

Testimonial from Hannah

Having Karen by my side was without a doubt, the best part of the planning process. I found it all to be pretty stressful and overwhelming. Once she came onboard, I was able to relax and start seeing the wedding take shape versus being worried about each individual piece. 

Photo Credit: Kristin Partin Photography 

Bridal Vendor Referral from KD Custom Events:

Photographer Kristin Partin was an absolute pleasure to work with. A true professional from the planning stages up to the communication following the wedding day. Without a doubt, she is in the right profession!

Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding, standing out front of the manor kissing Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding, dress hanging in the window Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding, bouquet sitting in a chair Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding, flower girl helping Hannah with her earring 

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Hannah & Daniel: Manor Wedding

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